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It is our great pleasure to announce our 2. international and educational multidisciplinary meeting in Innsbruck! This year we set the focus on the multidisciplinary management of primary liver tumours, entities that are clearly on the rise, posing great challenges in diagnosis and treatment in the near future.

We will have many international and national experts working in that field with excessive experience and will cover all aspects of treatment from ablation to resection and from state of the art medical therapy to transplantation. Participants taking part in our lively discussions shall afterwards be able to understand current clinical knowledge and transfer it into daily life practice.

A highlight  of this meeting will be the live transmission of a stereotactic Radiofrequency Ablation (sRFA) session – one of our well renowned specialties in Innsbruck.

Young surgeons will have the opportunity to be part of a practical course 2 days prior to the congress meeting with a clinical workshop, live operations and a cadaveric hands on course. We would like to thank our international experts, who agreed to be part of the sessions, but places will be quite limited.


We really hope you find the proposed scientific programme well, which is supported by the Austrian


 Society of Surgery and the Austrian Society of Surgical Oncology. The success of the meeting is of course highly dependent on your valuable input and participation. Innsbruck - in the heart oft he Austrian Alps - is an innovative City with a young spirit, offering stunning views and picturesque places, especially at Christmas time. We really hope to welcome you in Innsbruck this December! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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The Organising team:

  • Manuel Maglione
  • Linda Partl
  • Florian Primavesi
  • Stefan Stättner